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Wattbike Testing

Wattbike TestingWattbike Testing: Train like a GB Cyclist and let us determine your correct training zones using the latest Wattbike testing equipment…

So why use our Wattbikes with one of our specialists to assess your fitness?

If you are new to cycling then any cycling you do will probably improve your ability but as you get more efficient then your training also needs to become more efficient and to ensure this you need an ongoing way of measuring your fitness and guiding your training, this is where the Wattbike testing comes into play.

Due to the technology employed by the Wattbike it can produce reliable and repeatable test results which will allow our specialist to identify your correct training levels either via Heart Rate Zones or Power Zones which can then either be analysed by one of our strength and conditioning coaches or emailed directly to your cycling coach.

The 1st Assessment and Fitness Test

The first time you come to us we will carry out an initial assessment with respect to medical history and previous injuries to ensure that that you are in a position to carry out the tests. You will then be taken through a number of tests:

  • Warm Up 15-20 min
  • Advice on pedaling technique
  • 6 second peak power test
  • 3 minute aerobic test
  • Cool Down 15-20 min

These tests will allow us to identify the following; left/right leg power ratio, power and heart rate training zones, power to weight ratio and pedaling analysis.

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