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UltrasonographyNot sure if you have torn that muscle or ligament? We can use our ultrasonography equipment to show you the site and extent of your injury and guide your rehab accordingly.  It is a service offered at selected locations – please check the clinic page for details or check with the office on 01234 339147.

What is Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of soft tissue and internal organs. Similar to the ultrasound that you commonly see in physiotherapy clinics ultrasonography??uses a ‘transducer’ to convert electrical current into sound waves and apply these to the structure we are trying to look at. These sound waves are then reflected back from the tissue to produce the image we see on our monitors.

What does it feel like?

The only thing you generally feel is the cool gel that we apply to the transducer to allow the sound waves to be transmitted to the tissue efficiently. You may feel a slight pressure over the tissue as we push the transducer against the skin but otherwise as it is not actually a ‘treatment’ as such, you will feel very little.

Can I see the results?

Yes, this is all done in real time so you can see the image as the transducer head is applied and the physiotherapist will explain what they are looking for and what you are currently looking at.

So why is it helpful?

We sometimes use this to confirm the extent of an injury if we feel this will influence either your treatment or rehabilitation program.