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Orthotic Prescription

Orthotic PrescriptionOur therapists are trained in custom orthotic prescription should you require them to assist in your injury recovery or to correct biomechanics dysfunction.  It is a service offered at selected locations – please check the clinic page for details or check with the office on 01234 339147.

Why use orthotics?

Orthotics or specialist insoles can be used to both help assist in the recovery from both long (chronic) and short term (acute) conditions occurring at various locations such as locally at either the foot or lower limb or more distal such as the back or shoulders. This is because the way in which we stand and walk affects the way in which our joints move, our ligaments stretch and our muscles and tendons support us so any ‘dysfunction’ at the foot may cause ‘compensation’ at a different part of the body.

Do I need and orthotic prescription?

That really depends on the type of foot you have, the demand that you are placing on your body with the activities you undertake and also any other soft-tissue you may be suffering with. Sometimes foot pain can be from weak or tight surrounding muscles and can be corrected with some fairly straightforward soft tissue work and exercises, but on occasions an orthotic can help to provide support and return the foot and ankle complex to a neutral position and unload painful tissue allowing structures to heal and strengthen and there are also the cases where due to the shape of your foot an orthotics may help to prevent chronic stress.

Orthotics are expensive though.

This really depends; our physiotherapists can prescribe a range of orthotics from ‘Ready to Wear’ to ‘Semi Customisable’ to a completely customised orthotics specifically for your feet with prices ranging between £18.95 to £200.00 so depending on your requirements you do not need to invest very much to benefit from this aspect of treatment. If unsure then just ask our physiotherapist for advice.